Egg Counter
New Chick Scale 103


Chick scale 103 is the fastest and
most accurate manual weighing
unit on the market.
Memory for 9 different batches, gives
average weight, number of weighing,
CV and uniformity.
Downloads by USB to PC.


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Friendly, Advanced, Affordable

Agro logic continues to be a world leader in development and production of climate, feeding and weighing systems for modern poultry and pig raising. Our control units regulate and control all the vital functions in your production. We collaborate closely with our dealers and are constantly developing new solutions and improvements so we are always one step ahead. By adapting our controllers according to our customers needs we are able to provide a reliable, cost effective system for all your needs. By improving our systems we are able to help the grower increase his profitability. User friendly controllers is an important factor and all our controllers are designed with this in mind.

New T610 Climate Controller

10 stage climate controller

New Multifunction Climate Computer Image II

The Image II is a new concept in climate and data collection for modern poultry and pig production

LED Lighting

Luma Logic Dual Color LED light system for broiler and layer raising

New climate control for pig raising.

Agro Logic have developed a complete range of pig raising controllers from very simple controllers to controllers able to operate a modern tunnel ventilated house.
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